Luis Cordero Santoni


Luis Cordero Santoni is a graphic artist born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and raised in El Barrio (New York City’s Spanish Harlem).

This graphic artist is a photographer among other things. He creates linocut prints derived from images of Puerto Rico’s variety of cultural influences.

He also designs, produces and sells his own line of t-shirts with Native American Taíno and other Puerto Rican cultural icons. He is also a painter and publisher. He has published poetry books through his publishing entity Cemi Press and also established the bookstore Cemi Underground which specialized in Puerto Rican/Latino literature.

On the Comite Noviembre Board of Directors since 2006, he has coordinated their Puerto Rican Artisan Fair and Exhibit, the largest Puerto Rican artisan fair outside of Puerto Rico, and the largest in the US. The eleventh annual fair took place at Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture on Saturday, November 19, 2016. It was also renamed the National Puerto Rican Artisan Fair and Exhibit.

With Comité Noviembre’s support, he co-founded the Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts, P.R.I.D.A. which has distinguished itself as one of the few, if not the only organization, advocating for the rights of the Puerto Rican artists. PRIDA’s mission: to promote and provide support for the Puerto Rican artists and the arts.

You can purchase the tees on Cemi Threads on Facebook

What inspires me:

I am inspired to create by the richness of my culture. We can draw on our African roots to create dances and rhythms that can move people out of their seats and into another world. We can draw on our Spanish/European roots to create literature to inspire the world. We can draw on our Native roots to create graphics that had never been seen before. It amazes me when I think of what a small island Puerto Rico is, with so few people yet our artists have created art that can stand side by side with artists in any part of the world…somos una jodienda!

Graphic tees:

Taíno Abstractions

A series of high quality digital prints inspired by the art produced and bequeathed to us by our Native American ancestors of the Caribbean, the Taíno.  They are a series created by reproducing parts of photographs of Taíno sacred objects (cemies and other artifacts) found in Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean. Each print is skillfully reproduced on high quality paper and framed to produce the maximum effect. These are photos of actual sacred objects and not of reproductions.

You can purchase prints at:

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