Luis Cordero Santoni


I am a versatile graphic artist originally from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico with over 20 years of experience in the field. At present I am employed by New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority Project East Side Access as a Graphics Specialist.

I design, produce and sell my own line of tee-shirts with Native Taíno and other Puerto Rican cultural symbols and icons.  You can get them at the many cultural events that I participate in throughout the year and at my online store at  I am a skilled photographer and I also paint.  I’ve collaborated with other artists to paint an indoor mural in the Bronx.

Over the past several years as a board member of Comite Noviembre, I have co-chaired and coordinated the organization’s Puerto Rican Artisan Fair and Exhibition which takes place annually in November. This is currently the largest Puerto Rican artisan’s fair in the U.S. I also help to organize and coordinate other crafts fairs. Between 2007 and 2009, I co-founded and ran Cemi Underground, a bookstore/gift shop located in East Harlem that became a center of cultural activity. In 2006, I founded Cemi Press to publish Puerto Rican literature and support the many talented writers within the Puerto Rican community.  Cemi Press published The Last Puerto Rican Indian by Bobby Gonzalez. I established and ran Cemi Graphics, Inc., a graphic/print shop  in the Bronx from 1989 to 1996. Clients included: Café Bustelo, The Red Cross of the Bronx, and Comite Noviembre among others.

I am a community activist involved with several groups interested in promoting increased awareness of the issues directly affecting the Puerto Rican community for many years. More recently I have been a member of New York With UPR, New York Contra El Gasoducto and I am currently a member of New York Solidarity With Vieques.

Graphic tees:

Taíno Kaleidoscope

A series of high quality digital prints inspired by the art produced and bequeathed to us by our Native American ancestors of the Caribbean, the Taíno.  They are a series created by reproducing parts of photographs of Taíno sacred objects (cemies and other artifacts) found in Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean. Each print is skillfully reproduced on high quality paper and framed to produce the maximum effect. These are photos of actual sacred objects and not of reproductions.

Each image measures 10.5” squared.